Yum-O!  I just finished my Sonoran Dog, a delicious all beef dog wrapped in crispy bacon.  Need I say more?  Topped with ripe tomatoes, their AMAZING jalapeno sauce and mustard and lime mayo, what really put the dog over the top for me was the fresh bun.
I love that they’re right outside my office a few times a week, I’ll definitely be going back for The Boss.  I was also please to see that they have a vegetarian option – for those that leave the meat to the rest of us 🙂
Staff was really friendly, and seem really passionate about the little hot dog truck.  This was so much better than getting in the car and going to one of the local fast food places around and will be even better when the weather improves!
This is absolutely what Tysons Corner needs!  I can’t wait to go back.

–Chelsey E.

Now of the two dogs I sampled the winner was The Boss.  I’ll just let you know that since I ate that dog I’ve been thinking about it much like a 13 year old girl thinks about Justin Bieber….yeah, like that.  This dog was THE perfect combination of flavor, texture and spice.  The Sonoran’s sausage had a perfect blend of seasoning, flavor and had that great *snap* when biting through the skin.  But that’s not the best part.
All of the Boss’ toppings work well with the sausage as they compliment the flavor and add an amazing texture (and crunch) to each bite.  The special sauce was sweet and combined perfectly while the raw white onions, the yellow banana peppers and the pickle make every single bite a treat.
I really really LOVED the Boss and if I have the chance to go back to Top Dog will just order two of these suckers.
**wipes away drool**

–Antonio M.

The Sonoran dog was genius.  Bacon-wrapped, hot off the grill, a combination of toppings that just worked… no need to add anything to this dog.  Big enough to satisfy but still leaves you craving another bite.

–Michelle M.

Perfectly portioned and surprising flavors that are great. I had “The Boss” and plan on returning frequently to try the other menu options. I just need a bib next time I eat it.
–Moni H.

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